What is SEBO? 

SEBO is a men’s accessories line creating top quality African-print ties, bow ties, and pocket squares in a socially responsible manner. SEBO is not a charity. Our tailors are some of Uganda’s finest who simply want their work to speak for itself. Take a closer look at our handmade products and you will see that it does. 

What Inspired... 

SEBO? Kampala is our inspiration. Known for its up and comer energy and social life, Kampala is the capital and beating heart of Uganda, a diverse, landlocked country in East Africa. Kampala’s days are fast as the city swells with the hustle of business and trade, while its nights are late as “boda bodas“ (motorcycle taxis) shuffle people from restaurants to bars to clubs and back to bars again. A stranger to dull moments, Kampala is a city with charm that is unafraid to wear itself on its sleeve.

Our name? "SEBO" is Lugandan for "Sir" (properly spelled "Ssebo" and pronounced "say-boh"). In Uganda, you often find kitenge, an African material known for its vivid colors and intricate patterns, worn by women in the form of a dress, skirt, or shawl for carrying children. Admiring these patterns, we asked, ‘why shouldn’t men be able to wear kitenge?’ So we decided to take ties, bow ties, and pocket squares and shake them to life with kitenge.  

Our Products? SEBO’s products are unique. Most kitenge patterns are printed once as a seasonal design or symbolic depiction and never again. Kitenge is also infused with a special ingredient. As it begins to age, wax contained within the fabric fades and the item conforms to the wearer‘s body. So it seems that, for all the attention its appearance attracts, kitenge only comes to life once it’s worn.    

 Painting by Ismael Kateregga

Painting by Ismael Kateregga