Africa is Rising – will you join?

Our mission is make SEBO a top quality African clothing & apparel company, producing goods in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. Too many great ideas for social good have failed due to financial realities. SEBO recognizes what history has proven to be the best way to have an impact – build a sustainable business with a foundational commitment to ethical practice and quality products. In doing so, we will create jobs for our tailors in Uganda and develop their skills for future job security.

In addition to our aims for SEBO, we want to contribute to the African Renaissance. Although Africa is the origin of all life, its styles, cultures, economies, nature, and people have long been underestimated and overlooked. However, Africa is gradually overcoming its challenges and, today, is ripe with opportunity and promise.  Africa is on the rise, and SEBO along with it – will you join?


SEBO Mission - Photo By Stewart Game